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How much age difference in dating

There may be a big probability that one becomes a complete leader while the other one becomes a totally leaded in relationships with 5 years age difference.

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Difficulties in life make people thoughtful, the same way that age does.If, despite his age, he will be able to have children in such marriage, it'll become an obvious proof of the fact that 'he's a real man' and it'll gives him more scores in the society.Therefore the uni0n of youth and maturity brings benefits to both sides!Oleg Tabakov, Andrei Konchalovskii, Sergei Shakurov (Russia) are older than their wives more than 30 years.In Hollywood we can mention such couples as Michael Douglas and Katrin-Zeta-Jones, Woody Allen and his step-daughter Soon-Yi, Nicolas Cage and waitress Ellis Kim.But later on in life when the couple gets progressively older it becomes more of a problem because the older spouse eventually gets into health and energy issues that the younger spouse often finds too troublesome to deal with in their own stage in life.

When meeting married couples with big age difference, we wonder, why a young beautiful lady loves a man who could be her father or even grand father and has his best years in the past?

Besides, the older partner is not only sexually more experienced and ready for new challenges in this field but also can offer more in spiritual life!

And older man can give his woman feeling of security and commitment.

What a young lady is looking for in such a marriage?

One thing is obvious: she's looking for mature personality and secure life that can be given to her by an older man.

Many of our members said they were surprised at receiving letters from attractive ladies 10-25 years younger than themselves.