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Housewife chat room

I was just wondering if there anything homemakers of the fifties did then, that we don’t do so well today.

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I chose to do a little research into the 1950s housewife schedule to see exactly how different things are today and to see if I could gain some 1950’s cleaning tips! ) DISCLAIMER: We get a bit, um, goofy in this episode.We narrowed our focus down to several whom we thought were true representatives of the genre.This season we chose not one, but a group: The 50’s TV Mom – and their slightly more real counterparts, the 50’s suburbanite. We present facts of course, but our usual speculation and lighthearted chatter is upped.That’s right, what better way to embrace our modern womanhood, than to take a serious look at a stereotypical, unobtainable-to mere-mortals, obedient, white, heterosexual wife? Fire up the keyboard and get those letters of protest going! Big time.research of the women had to be undertaken. And we watched HOURS of old TV episodes – Father Knows Best, I love Lucy, Leave it to Beaver, The Donna Reed Show and The Dick Van Dyke show.

Speaking of Donna Reed, The Donna Reed Foundation for the Performing Arts, a museum in Denison IA dedicated to her memory and work . dr_section=main And here is a link to those Maidenform ads that cracked Beckett up:

(And we use words like “genre” to give the illusion that this is more brainy that it really is.

We watched A LOT of TV) Harriet Nelson (The Adventures of Ozzie and Harriet) We touch on characters from other shows-Make Room for Daddy, Father Knows Best, The Dick van Dyke show- but we felt that these gave the best example of the ideals that the 50’s stereotypical housewife possessed.

However, most evenings we are out at kids activities.

Some nights we get home at 8.45pm, so the evenings can look a little different from the daily routine of a housewife from the 50s!

We talk about the foods, the appliances, and the conveniences of the time. Because we are off of our usual factual woman topic ( and possibly still riding a banana bread buzz) we will also stray from our usual methods…will actually have * Time Travel With The History Chicks Right at the top of this list, we recommend this blog, Jen But Never Jenn.