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PC preference (Hint: John Hodgman would not have made the cut).The exact number of traits isn’t all that crucial, as long as the list is as exhaustive as possible.

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“For example, there was a lot of crossover in my list when it came to family, religion and attitude towards work.It all might sound a bit obsessive, but as Webb quickly realized, this formula could have saved her the agony of going on karaoke dates with high-fiving cheapskates just a few weeks prior. Before setting up her new profile, Webb decided to evaluate the competition.The way most online dating sites work, there’s no easy way to do this from your own account.She focused more on her desire to travel the world than on her HTML chops.She also realized that the photos she happened to have on her laptop weren’t cutting it, so she uploaded new ones based on everything she had learned by looking at the more popular users.Her top-tier traits were each given a total potential score: 100 for her top trait (intelligence) and 91 for her least-critical item in her top ten list (No history of cheating).

The second-tier traits were all assigned a weight of 50 or fewer points, depending on their overall importance to her.

The result was a 1000-point scale that would allow her to grade – and subsequently reevaluate – the men she dated based on the most meaningful data points.

She set a threshold: Based on her initial online interactions, nobody scoring below a 700 would be worthy of an in-person date.

Webb kicked off her digital quest for a mate by listing 72 traits she wanted her future partner to possess, which is how she recommends online dating newbies get started.

Her initial brainstorm included everything from personal habits and marital history to work ethic and Mac vs.

How much did successful online daters refer to their career goals? Using spreadsheets, Text Wrangler and “other kludged-together applications,” Webb analyzed all of this and more, manually collecting data as she went.