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High school dating patterns in 1970s

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Each decade or century shows its characteristics on its playing cards.Can you imagine what “pin-up” cards looked like in the Victorian age? And when the process of photography was discovered, it didn’t take long before the first application was featured in playing cards too.

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Miriam couldn’t drive, so at first Joop came along as chauffeur and looked at everything but cards on the stalls, but it didn’t take long before he started participating in this card hunting.On few occasions you even do a trade right then and there with another collector.And if you’ve been card hunting for years, the merchants will know you and set decks aside for you. e Bay and other auction sites make life easier too, but they have changed the nature of collecting drastically.Holding and studying playing cards up close will tell you things about the technique, their makers sometimes, and their topics.The more antique and vintage decks that are found the more we can tell about the history of playing cards and the “fashions” in their development.Something that every collector will recognize is “the buzz” that a special find will give.

Your heart rate will go up, causing a faint dizziness and warm feeling that may even result in wet palms or armpits. It was on a flea market, where we found a “Kroonkaart” deck (by the Speelkaartenfabriek Nederland) almost hidden among steel machinery parts.

Sometimes non-standard decks were published to commemorate certain events or comment on them, sometimes for political or religious reasons and in the previous century often for publicity and advertising purposes too. Even now a 50 year old deck will give a nice impression of how things looked or were done in those days.

Going back 100 years you’ll find the Art Nouveau influences in the non-standard designs of the courts, aces and backs.

People are often surprised when we tell them we collect playing cards.

They all know how to play games with cards and have all held them in their hands before, but they’ve never realized that ordinary playing cards come from a long history of ancient patterns, in Europe dating back as far as the 14th century.

We’ve been active on e Bay since February 1998 and at first it was an eye opener: we saw decks from other continents, that we had never seen before.