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And still she could see it peeping from between her legs. She had her back turned, taking a leak like a man does.

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We actually dated a couple of times until I found out about her "no sex till marriage" policy. Not that she said anything but I always felt like she was keeping a grudge. Wait here." "Ok." I pulled out my laptop pretending to be busy though I was too anxious to do any real work. At some point, she unclasped her shiny raven black hair, letting it free in the soft wind. To my surprise she chose to put her shapely behind beside me. Last week I've managed to sit down with almost all the rest of the team leaders. "We actually gave your project documentation as an example for a prospective client last week as a high-quality project sample." "Great, so you know I'm not just bragging. It's tough times for our company too, Ian." "Wait, what do you mean by most of us? I knew the meaning of a being sacked during recession. The only thing I care about is whether she's gonna stand for Chin's promise and give me the raise at the evaluation today." "Today? "She cancelled all the annual evaluation meetings." "Fuck. Diana rescheduled everyone." "Strange." I said as I scrolled through my outlook inbox. Maybe I'm not on her list or something." I picked up the phone. I heard you rescheduled everyone's evaluation meetings with the new boss. She specifically said she wants to see you." "What for? "The boss' pet." "I swear the first time I talked to her was yesterday morning when we bumped into each other on the elevator." "What did she say? " "Yep, she smiled and she actually seemed like a very nice person." "I bet ya she's a wild cat in bed." "You're a fucking hopeless pervert." ** Three minutes before the meeting my phone rang. Oh, and be a dear and bring with you a cup of cherry herbal tea. She said she wanted to know us better than two weeks. Thanks." "Oh you brown nosing, son of a bitch." Jim smirked. I just wanted to ask you to bring your laptop so you can show me the Multiring-MK5 project. I simply couldn't resist and sneaked a peek at her cleavage. Her boobs, or the parts visible, were indeed a wet dream. We let the IT do it today but there is tons of work and they are always too busy or pretend to be." "Sounds like an IT kind of job. I do have some extra budget for R&D and I mean real research, not Google browsing." "Ok." "We're always researching to improve our infrastructure algorithms." "That doesn't sound so bad:" "That's a mathematician job, so you get to keep your salary and you'll have your own office, instead of a cubicle." The terrible feeling in my stomach dissolved. Any girl that would touch me like that, I'd say she wants me. Maybe she was just overly friendly and I was misinterpreting things? Almost ten thousand Venatritol hermaphrodites were conceived. " "Installing new programs, running our batch jobs, writing small programs for database queries, manage new and damaged equipment. What would a seven-foot tall hermaphrodite want with me, anyway? On the other hand her behavior, the way she put her hand on me. It was supposed to be a wonder drug that would solve blood pressure, urine protein and pregnancy toxemia. However when the first babies were born with both male and female genitalia it was already too late. His face had that grin which made him look like Odie on weed. She looks like Jasmine Bleeth on a hot Babe Watch episode." "You're nuts.

The lady doesn't know what a bra is." "She probably should." Jim lifted his hands to heaven, though I sure hope god wasn't listening.

In reality, the genitalia looks more like a mash-up of both and lack the typical functions you would expect.

Chapter 1 "She's smoking hot." "You're a perv." I said.

She, like, stood behind me and she bent each time to take a peek at the screen. "She's more woman than any woman I ever saw." I picked up the phone, hoping Jim would get the message that some people actually work in here. "You know when they laid off Old Chin and said a woman is coming in his stead. I mean, a group manager and a woman, she must be some tough bitch.

Yesterday I showed her the version-control database. That woman's a wet dream come true." "She's not a woman." I said.

She'll be moving to the east coast branch." "Oh, I'd rather stay on the same floor with the development teams. "Of course you are not the only one we're considering for this job. They all looked feminine and were very tall and strong. Wikipedia stated they were a tight group that kept mostly to themselves.