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Heart and soul dating

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Whether you’re newly single or long time single, if you’re searching for a life partner, Sheryl can help.

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We’ll help you make sense of the “who does what, when” questions!As an executive relationship coach, Sheryl can help you with dating and relationship issues, family issues, work/life balance, and personal confidence.You’re new to the dating scene – If you’re recently divorced or widowed, it may be difficult to begin dating again.All of our discussions, your probing, personal and other, enabled me to see things differently.You laid out the path and I walked it, with the confidence and perspective that you and the program gave me.” — Cynthia J“I feel to this day that this was one of the best investments I have made in my life and wish I would have participated in relationship coaching many years ago as it literally changed my life.Heart&Soul Matchmaking, based in Charlotte, North Carolina, is a discreet boutique matchmaking company, founded in 2008 by certified relationship coach, certified matchmaker, and online dating concierge Sheryl Spangler.

Sheryl has a passion for helping singles over 40 find love.

We’ll help you discover who you are, clearly define what you want, and how to identify red flags early.

You’re currently pursuing on-line dating – This is an area where many people begin their dating experience.

You’re a single parent – You don’t have to put your romantic life on hold simply because you have children.

Balance can be difficult, but you deserve love and romance in your life!

We will help you in your transition to dating by working with you to gain clarity on what type of person might be the best fit for you at this point in your life.