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Hayden christensen dating natalie portman

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“You’re like, ‘Natalie’s such a creepy person,'” she declares, both accusing and laughing. “The only sibling I ever wanted,” she says, “was an older brother, so he could introduce me to cute boys. Her film debut, in The play had featured another young hopeful: Britney Spears.I would never have been an actress if I weren’t an only child, because my parents would never have let me be the star of the family at the expense of another child.” It made her feel like her parents were her friends: “All through my childhood, I went to their parties. Natalie and Britney were able to reminisce about this recently.

found her playing kids who were preternaturally adult, not unlike herself. And then the teasing that goes on in adolescence sort of shuts that up, and that’s when you learn humility.” She had a bad time for a while.“I was like, says this child of parents who emigrated to America from Jerusalem when she was a child.(Portman isn’t her real name; she borrowed it from her grandmother to protect her father, a fertility specialist, whose name is distinctive.) Her first On our way to attend an evening reading by novelists Salman Rushdie and Jamaica Kincaid and poet John Ashbery, Portman chats about student life on campus.I’ve known how to make believe that I’m an adult.” hen Portman was eight, she gave up meat out of “respect for life.” I point out to her that PETA has nominated her in its Internet poll of sexiest vegetarians (she has since won). Portman was invited to a Spears party, an invitation she forwarded to her guy friends as a joke.“They told me they would murder me if I didn’t go and take all of them, so I went with six boys,” she says; her Ivy League posse drove down, after classes, to New York and Britney.They realize it doesn’t matter whether they hand in their paper on time. I don’t challenge the guidelines much.” atalie Portman was born on her mother Shelley’s birthday — June 9th.

More oddly — a fact that her father, Avner, stumbled onto recently — the most probable date of her conception was her father’s birthday.

“It was basically the thrill of their lives.” About six months after her play, she auditioned for about a lonely hitman (Jean Reno) and a twelve-year-old girl. She had jumped off a sailboat with a girl-friend and swum to a deserted island, where they frolicked in the shallows, topless. “The creepy thing was there was someone there, someone following us,” she says.

When the film was released, her parents came in for some stern, and inaccurate, criticism for “letting me do a Lolita film,” Portman says. “They never wanted me to have to walk down the street wondering if people can visualize me naked.” There has been the occasional disturbance. “I was just so angry — it just makes you feel dirty inside….

“I barely saw my dad when I was little,” she says, “because he was doing his residency.” (I ask what exactly he does as a fertility specialist. “I don’t know how my chances are after those names.” Do you date non-vegetarians? “It’s kind of unusual to find guys who are vegetarian. I mean, I would never go after him at all….” he story of how Portman was discovered and became an actress involves her being approached in a Long Island pizza restaurant by someone looking to cast a Revlon campaign.

“He inseminates and does surgery, and he’s a reproductive endocrinologist,” his daughter says matter-of-factly.) “The smell of a hospital is like the smell of my dad to me.” I involuntarily make a face. That makes Jude Law even sexier to me.” He’s very married, though, I say. Portman didn’t want to model, but she used the opportunity to get an acting agent.

For her first two years of college, Portman lived on campus, sharing a bedroom. “I really missed that time when I could just stay up late and read and play the kind of music that I want.” Her current apartment is very modest.