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Hasselblad dating

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And American optics may have become too expensive by then, but that's speculation. The real shame is I once had the OE camera for this lens in my hands, but passed on it as the owner never put the 2 together... IMG-1527 by TIN CAN COLLEGE, on Flickr IMG-1528 by TIN CAN COLLEGE, on Flickr Very nearly was lost in the ripped open box it was shipped in.Just got a USA Aero Ektar f2.5 7" EE 4065 which makes it 1944. Mounted on a Speed Graphic lens board with custom aluminum adapter plate. At one time I had a Hasselblad 1600F with Ektar lenses.

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Having spent 20 years shooting at Kodak, and living most of my life in Rochester, I have used many different Kodak lenses, and enjoyed them all.I have a few Ektars on Retinas, they're very nice Tessar types.Also have a few with Schneiders, extremely good lenses.) So the letters in the serial number "RS1234" would indicate 57, and the item would have been made in 1957.Some Items have a four-letter code indicating month and year: "YROC" would indicate 05-61, or May, 1961.The various LF Ektars are quite sharp and have lovely tonal qualities; and the spectacular performance of the Zeiss 135/5.6 Makro-Planar certainly was a factor in the success of several long-term research projects I was part of. and in fact my favorite LF lens is still the 135/6.3 Wide Field Ektar.

But there's no need to denigrate one brand over another.

I think most of us know this, but a quick search showed no posts with the word CAMEROSITY in the title, so I'm posting this for reference.

Kodak cameras and lenses can be dated to the month and year of manufacture by the code word CAMEROSITY, where each letter indicates numerals 1 through 0: C A M E R O S I T Y 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 0 (Sorry, the forum doesn't let me line up the letters perfectly, but you get the idea!

Fixed_Calendar ), and it isn't clear which calendar was used for the coding.

Trivia: after visiting Kodak plants, Victor Hasselblad started using a similar system for dating Hasselblad cameras, using the code word "VHPICTURES".

The CAMEROSITY system began c.1940 and ran until at least 1967; I seem to remember seeing some Enlarging Ektars that dated to 1970 or so but no camera lenses that late.