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Harry styles on dating older women

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While some say it is the result of iridescent lighting, we wonder if they have a color changing habit.We have seen gorgeous pictures of Harry Styles with green, yellow and blue-ish looking eyes.

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::drumroll please:: Harry Styles had a dog named Max as his first pet.He was a renowned singer in his school who had bagged many prizes at competitions as a band.The rules of X-Factor forced Harry Styles and four other boys to create melodies and the rest is kind of history.Harry Styles is 6’0 — which is great — because I’m 5’9 — which means that in my fantasies when I’m walking down the red carpet with him in my Jimmy Choos we look totally perfect together. One of the most confounding questions of all time, right up there along with the origins of life — Harry Styles has not confessed to wearing contact lenses.The question arises because the color of Harry Styles’ eyes keeps on changing.Harry Styles house is as sexy as he is, and with a list of houses around the world as long as his list of top Billboard hits, this little ex-boy bander also packs a whopping sense of style sure to make even the surliest of women and men swoon.

So if you’re looking to learn more about your favorite One Directioner — look no further than these next few revelations, y’all!

He currently, he has a cat named Molly (also called Dusty)!

#Dont Ask Born in Bromsgrove, Harry Styles emerged through the TV Show X-Factor.

#Fixer Upper This is the same building where Justin Timberlake bought a $28 million penthouse.

Other neighbors in the building include Blake Lively & Ryan Reynolds, Jennifer Lawrence, Amy Schumer, and Rebel Wilson, among others. Harry has moved a couple of times within Beverly Hills, and his current Sunset Strip pad is the coolest of all.

In January 2016, Harry dropped $6.8 million on a West Hollywood home in the hills. We’ve got more where these came from: Harry Styles House Photos Harry Styles moved to the Hampstead Heath area from North London after buying a house for 2.95 million Euros. The 4 bedroom, 3.5 bathroom home is 2,300 square foot and is surrounded by a brick wall, which by the way is covered with security cameras. For privacy reasons, we can’t publish it here, but go on over to the celebrity homes map portion of Velvet Ropes – HERE – and we’ll satisfy all your address needs 🙂 Harry Styles’ childhood home is situated in Holmes Chapel, Cheshire in the UK. Did you know Styles grew up in the influence of Elvis Presley? He’s just like my modern-day James Dean and so in all honesty, I literally cannot help myself.