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Bottom line check your area for those that are available and share them with your local veterans, seniors, disabled, etc. Join us for Senior Discount Days Sunday-Thursday where seniors 50 receive 20% off there meal.

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They need a sign by the register that tells, they give discounts for seniors, 65 and over. And there's mention elsewhere of a "Golden Apple" card -- I haven't tracked down whether the program is defunct or not.If you are eligible for Medicare, some medicare health plans give you free membership in Silver which gives you free gym memberships in local gyms.I joined an LA Fitness gym that normally costs $45/month. Btw, my last trip to Applebees in Middletown NY they still have golden apple Discount.You also make many valid points with compelling, unique content.african food stores We have some quality information here that any reader would enjoy.Now that I am 60, I feel kinda guilty saying I want my senior discount.

The poor young adults who work there are doing just as bad, or worse.

Despite what those "age defying" wrinkle cream ads might tell you, getting older is not a negative thing!

Grandchildren, social security checks, and enjoying plenty of savings with an AARP membership are all perks of our "golden years." Perhaps the biggest bonus of all is the onslaught of discounts on everything from groceries and clothing to travel and, of course, restaurants.

Here it is: https:// night my husband and I ate at KFC. " I said, "Who cares - be grateful for the discount. may I say some places do not give the discounts.... We live in an ENCORE, resort, campground, Can you tell us why we get NO Senior Discount on by the year lease, and they cut out part of our TV channels, and the so up grades, have not benefited anyone that I know of, I mean there is almost Never any kids playing in that hot sun and sand., or on those riding toy's.

While we were eating, I caught a quick glimpse of the word "DISCOUNTED" on the receipt. I'll be researching to see what other discounts you weren't aware that you're eligible for...hehe! We live here, so where is our break, not that movie on Friday nights, OR that band on Saturday nights.....

Take a look and let us know if you find any other senior discounts we should mention.