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Global dating revolution

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We do discount what we call boy browsing which has won several awards, and that app showed a bunch of girls in different situations actually checking out men, which they do right but they do it a little more surreptitiously than what men do.

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Her will should be a hundred per cent, whenever she decides.A new generation comfortable with finding a match through an app. We very different from a lot of western dating apps is that it's Indianised to a large extent.What we realised is that the hook up positioning doesn't work in India and what we have tried to do is keep the marriagement off and it's a big promise to the girls because if you have the girls the guys will automatically follow.“Most of our members have a privileged professional background.A lot of them are senior executives, doctors, lawyers or bankers.” The company will focus its efforts on the cities that respond best to its concept to expand its presence in India, she said.“We also have a section of our sexual health resource page translated into Hindi and eight other languages common to India with one more being added by the end of year,” he said.

According to analytics firm App Annie, Grindr moved up the ranks among social applications in India in September to be among the top 80 apps, up from a rank of around 150 in July.

Then I felt that it is a fake app like other ones but later I realised it is good. JAMES BENNETT: The couple are part of a social and technological revolution. SUSHIL SHUKIA (translated): I think it's fine for everyone. There's also an array of home-grown start-ups targeting India's digitally savvy singles.

Half of India's 1.3 billion people are now 25 or younger. SACHIN BHATIA, CO-FOUNDER, 'TRULY MADLY': Our audience is 18 to 34, 80 per cent of 22 to 26.

JAMES BENNETT: Sachin Bhatia co-founded Truly Madly the app which brought this Shradda and Sushit together.

SACHIN BHATIA: We match you based on real compatibility versus just looks and location which is what, again, a lot of other apps are globally, globally do.(Music)We advertise men actually so a lot of advertising has women checking out men versus the other way round.

BHAWNA PALIWAL, PRIVATE DETECTIVE: Pre-marriage investigation. JAMES BENNETT: Private detective Bhawna Paliwal makes a good living from less trusting parents.