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George weisberger dating

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I couldn't make this ish up and I must do my gossiply duties. Sources tell The YBF that our favorite mama's boy George "Tailor Made" Weisberger has indeed moved on to another woman and that's the real reason why he and Tiffany "New York" Pollard are broken up--despite the "We're still together" hoopla they and VH-1 are putting out to the masses.His new chick is a 23 year old aspiring model named Tyshianna and they actually met right after Christmas.

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I am the main one complaining and still watching the crap.I'm Far from fake I wish you would get a life, Stop trying to get over on someone elses riches.I dont even know this woman and if I did she probadly wanted my autograph. I DID NOT LEAVE NEW YORK FOR THIS HOT MESS, THIS IS A WOMAN TRYING TO BUILD HER CAREER WHILE SHE TRYING TO SABOTAGE MINE AND NEW YORK DOLLARS.THIS IS TYSHIANNA AND TAILORMADE IS RIGHT I DONT KNOW HIM AND THIS STORY IS BOGUS I'VE SEEN HIM ONE TIME AND THIS SHIT GOT OUT OF HAND SO PLEASE NO MORE COMMENTS! I THINK NOT THAT MUPPET BABY YOU HAVE IS A HOT MESS!! I dont even know this woman and if I did she probadly wanted my autograph.I DONT WANT HIS SHINY FACED ASS AND HE HAS HAIR PLUGS! Lol This Is the Real Tailormade, I wish you luck on all your future endeavors and shining lights,and if I know her how come you guys forgot to post her Last Name.Damn--is nabbing the side chick role the way "aspiring models" get into the game nowadays?

A source close to Tyshianna says that the the two met at LAX airport and hit it off so well they are now officially dating.

CATCH ME WITH THIS YOUNG UGLY WOMAN THEN I CAN TRY TO COME UP WITH A EXPLANATIONS BUT I AINT GOT TOO CAUSE THIS STORY IS BOGUS.2008 WILL PROGRESS ALOT OF HATERS ON OUR RELATIONSHIP WITH THESE UNTRUE STORYS.. The photo you posted above is New York and Tailor Made celebrating New Years in Miami. and i believe that if she wanted anyone one of them she could pull em!

I DO WANNA THANK WHO EVER SENT THIS OVER TO MEDIATAKEOUT. AND YOUNG BLACK AND FABULOUS FOR THE DOLLARS IM GETTING WHILE THIS STORY UP. I know for a fact that Tiffany and George are still together as couple. [quote comment="24838"]ILNY3 will go the way off Flavor of Love. I'm mad I watched the first 2 if there is a 3rd I will picket and boycott lol. You've got a face AND an attitude only your she beast mother could truly piece N I'm out ;)[/quote] LMAO at she beast!

So sad that when "usses" get a Bachelor and Bachelorette show, it has to be the coonery that is FOL and ILNY...

We shoudl start a campaign to have ABC do a multicultural bachelor.

The breakup between George and Tiffany was actually fueled because of his new relationship and Ms.