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Gamma dating center

Utilizing the Fermi measurement of the gamma-ray spectrum toward the Galactic Center, we derive some of the strongest constraints to date on the dark matter (DM) lifetime in the mass range from hundreds of Me V to above an Ee V.Our profile-likelihood based analysis relies on 413 weeks of Fermi Pass 8 data from 200 Me V to 2 Te V, along with up-to-date models for diffuse gamma-ray emission within the Milky Way.

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If spatial templates that peak toward the GC are used to model the positive residual and included in the total model for the $15^\circ \times 15^\circ$ region, the agreement with the data improves, but none of the additional templates account for all of the residual structure.

The spectrum of the positive residual modelled with these templates has a strong dependence on the choice of IEM.

A catalog of point sources for the $15^\circ \times 15^\circ$ region is self-consistently constructed using these IEMs: the First Fermi-LAT Inner Galaxy point source Catalog (1FIG).

After subtracting the interstellar emission and point-source contributions from the data a residual is found that is a sub-dominant fraction of the total flux.

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