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Fun dating uk

I am not the person I was – I am a new version of me.And despite recently turning 50 I’m not on the shelf. The main thing I’ve learned, however, is that I am no longer looking for love.

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It’s what I miss the most from my marriage, but I’ve had time to appreciate being on my own and becoming my own person and I don’t want to lose either.I was quite raw and naive when I started online dating but I’ve now grown in confidence.I’m not willing to take second best but I’m also determined to have fun exploring my new life.Life’s journey so far has taught me that our capacity to love, and to overcome the bad times, is far greater than we think it is.Love is not finite: we’re not born with a limited amount, and our understanding of love, and our ability to love, grows as we do.In 2014 my husband was diagnosed with stage four, incurable cancer.

Gruelling chemo and radiotherapy regimens gave us a year together, and during the brief windows where he was well enough we tried to cram in a lifetime of memories: visits to favourite places, lunches with friends – we even managed a last trip to Glastonbury.

There were a few short term relationships but none have worked out, mainly because we wanted different things.

One guy ended things after a few dates with a text that read: ‘I don’t want to be the one to break your heart’, which struck me as particularly arrogant.

I decided to be upfront about being widowed so put it on my profile, being clear to mention that it didn’t define me.

It was, after all, the reason I was on a dating app and in many ways, it’s a lot more straightforward: there is no ex, I’m clearly not still married and while sad, my situation is actually a lot less complicated than a lot of people’s.

I’ve been on lots of dates since I first started dating and I’ve made some great friends – in fact making friends seems to be my speciality.