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Frontpage template dating service

Now you’re lost in a sea of thousands of different themes, templates and page builders.

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It’s a software that allows people to create, organize, and update websites without having to manually code every page.There are 7 options, which gives you flexibility to add Header Image as per your website need.Option 1: Homepage/Frontpage This option will show header image in Homepage/Frontpage only.Option 7: Disable This option will disable Header Image completely. You’ve got your domain name and Word Press hosting.But in Page/Post, your header image will be replaced by Featured Image.

Option 4: Entire Site This option will show header image throughout the site.

Option 5: Entire Site, Page/Post Featured Image This option will show header image throughout the site.

Option 6: Page and Post This option will show Header Image in Page and Post only.

Because, let’s face it, if you wanted to customize Word Press with the help of a professional, you would simply hire one.

So, a flexible Word Press theme needs to be highly customizable and allow you to change whatever you want about your site without creating new templates or diving into code.

Word is a blog hosting service that allows users to setup a free website that operates on custom version (limited) of the Word Press software.