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Google This is a digital copy of a book that was preserved for generations on library shelves before it was carefully scanned by Google as part of a project to make the world's books discoverable online.

Do not assume that just because we believe a book is in the public domain for users in the United States, that the work is also in the public domain for users in other countries. , , , ■ ■, A Tast Ttu on TBI Aniio LABi c • Oaacp A. The Secondo Nonnes Tale 649 The Canon's Yeoman's Prologne 657 Tlio Chanonns Temannes Tale 659 Ci Kocp H. Thou art woze to familiere Where thou shulde be straunge of ohere, Stout of thy port, redy to greve. Opgans, 8.p L * organs,* the old equivalent of organ, G 134. A public domain book is one that was never subject to copyright or whose legal copyright term has expired. Whether a book is in the public domain may vary country to country. Tliia visit ol' h'u [• Italy in of great importsace, aa it excrciaed a marked infloenos on Mb writinge, and eiubl M d H to onderstand llm dovolopment of his gonins. And diatoned firam melodye, Oontrove he wolde, and foule fiorle^ With hompypea of Comewayle. C5 ^^^^^^^^^^^^^■^^^H^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^H ^^^BHIH^H ^ 44 ^$2 (Jtomftun* of t9e (^oefc ff Mowrta A man spoken of Icciorj-a (iflo Detb Qced with the ttronee wallo. Jtl UKFOBh bodi Mtice tbeo wlthoale, And Biaka thy bodj- unto bim loate, tla^ berto a* bard atf dyamuiuit^ 4.1S5 Fur po tnauafs Uuit It may diya. Porif ymir tgodowiilol Ipee, 44« I mote be deed ; I may not cbese. da I»rrlii ; iind fccffiw l*a wvrk (i/ Jean de Uon B.l Allaa, in vanhope r— nay. If Hope me t Ule, than am 1 4t\^ Un Kiao JDoe and unworthy 1 In Hope I wo L oomforted lie, For Lovo, whan he bltaneht hir me, Soide, that Hope, wbar-eo I go Sbnldo ay be relees to my wo. 1374, Mia eondnct dutiog this nu Mion to Italy met vitli tlio fall appron U of tlio king, who, on tho oe Ubratiou of the great festivid at Wiudaor nn St. ho was uppointol to the important ofllce of Comptroller of the Co Btoms and Uubsidy of Wools, Skins, and Leather, for the port of London ; and a few days hiter (Jane i,(l received a Ufo' pension of lal. Indloetiva, ift Similar oantraotloiu an oonmum ; hence AH means 'hldath'; rit maani* ridjatli *U,'Bitteth'; l\ pt. 4J l'u in bim and in tbe n Hc, Tti M bat yoa fwal, which hi Tn doth clou, Cpen. myn tumo dere 1 Thoo^h tbu Q hv Dow a priaonure T Kr|ia atta i Htc thjn bcrte to mc, Ind m Cr B not that it daunted be ; 4380 Ni^ lat not j Bloasye, in hin isfr B. And if that thou foryete in», Uyn berte ihal never in lyking be ', Nut elloa-where flnde folace. Bat what and she my bnlia bote, And lie to maeniteisand wmia} She ie in no-tbing f Ol certoyn. 3 ^ t*-^ % 1 11^ ^-^li I THE COMPLETE WORKS OF GEOFFREY CHAUCER EDITED FROM NUMEROUS MANUSCRIPTS BY THE REV. in 1338, and this connexion with the court led to bis son's employment there, some years after- wards, as a page in the household of Elisabeth, wife of Lionel, duke of Clarence, the third son of Edward III. Ta Hn 411^ irith a modified Towel In the infinitive, the i DOt-Towal i^peaiiiif i the pt. Thna the not *ts (of Glothio Ml^^ini, to seek X appean in tl A. C3 Thyn herto, I trowo, bo f&iled al ; Thin ehatt repe Dt« la Epeclal, If Jolouiyo the 8ly to piece to hond Oi the diche were liftea made, Ilea batayled large and hrade,4JOO and hora ahnlde not attosme 1 the diche over the plajme.

In the household accounts of this princess, mention ia of various articles of clothing and other necessaries purchased for ^ (Geoffrey ' * in April, May, and December, 1357, when he was about seventeen years old. when that king invaded France, and was there taken prisoner. i OQiye hath enviroon te his gamiaoon Jlea ronnde, and diche dope, 4Ja5 I raaar for to kepe.

In May, 1360, the peace of Bretigny (near Chartres) was coneliided between the French and English kings. inger [eek], arly and late M kavto of the utter gate, The whidh openeth toward tha eeet And he hadds with him atie leeat 4910 Thritty aarvaantef, edhon hj nmakd.

Chaucer had been set at liberty in Mareh, when Edward paid t6L towards his ransom. We can only conjecture the manner in which he spent his life from hints given OS in his own works, and from various notices of him in official records. That other gate kepte Shame^ "Whioh openedoi aa it waa eoath. Seigeaontee aarigned ware hir to 4915 Vfol many, hir willa te to da Than Drede hadde in hir hai Uya The hoping of the eoneitaldeiye, Toward the narth, I nndiralonde, That opened upon tha left honde, 4110 The which Ibr no-thing may be aura, Bnt-if ahe do piir] hliiy enria Brly on movowe and also lata, Strongly to ahette and harra the gate.

It is hi^ily probable that he owed this layonr to * the good qneen Anne,' first wife of king Richard II. Of tiling to Domen she wool riubt nouicbt Thrrfure. He ■ejrle, " la Ihit&k I ihal It t»ke, And higb Dikiiter oek Ihee make. To Bialacoll lave I myn herta Al boo], wit Lonta departing'. Which itood in greet perpieiito, That was poaibed in ev Biy ndo. S Lon bib Ju Ui k Us to gwu lolawe;, Xst it U t Lay of $^ci Iff, u~]uim Otuii M cnnith, mui md wyf, "lit wnm Bl T *erks B««7a luttore. -Jia I alia hem vrccchiafalle of wo, 4775 Itrrw gmeth bom oud ihesdith an, Dal U tho K volt wel Love e Echewo.

; for, in the Prologne to the Legend of Good Women, probably written during this period of his sewly^acqnired fireedom firom irksome duties, he expresses himself most grate- Ib Uy towards her. pa-) can be prefixed to att^ pp., and Stnog Terfaa aanatly Axm vowel-ohauge ; tbtia bigan (44) is tbe pt t. te lu Me that thia ia not a anre guide ; for nuip Mii: mif H4l K(nniall T); -«(tii wnneinak Tarbi). if U be wyaly eonsht, Kir coiuuei Uei foly ii to lakci Tnr mim. wbon siio wo A li U gijod Bilc^ioniii, I ili«l« 4 i ws ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^H^H^^^^^I^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^H ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^H l^^^^^^^^^^^l^^^^llii^l^H 46 ^e IJtomaunf of 10t (Bosc (nua Hnvra That aftirward thor ili&l In dedo That now is lorn, without lesl Dg. Or doublenewe of repenting.' Coment Raisoun Tient a Ii'ai Tlitu aa I made my passage In cumpleynt, and in truel rage, And I foist wber to finde a locbe That contlio nnto myu helping edia. That I nlit where 1 might abrde, TU ihe, demurely sad of chere, Seide la me as she com nere ; — ■ Uyn owne freend, art tbe F ' Tboa aer Teit a nu noble lord, Tliat maketfa tbaa dual for tby reward, Which ay ranewith thy torment, 4(141 With foly aa lie hath thee blent, Thou fella in mlsobeaf thilke day. N no molie 1 lora, dc have no core 4770 "I fluhfl M Lo VDi ■erraaati boon, i^'l mil tiul Uj my connael flesn. I^r to laaf « out of hia niewe, lull Bi'u battir eoiui Ml nu^ Ibun Uki! arrangement, A 3012 ; provision, B 250 ; orderly arrangement, A 2567 ; consideration, 18.

This be retained for three years, during which he received iu4(. A I that U a fta noyona tblns I far many a lover, in lorinr, Huig Gtb Dpon hir. 4510 Bat what avayleth liir good wills, By mo, oorteyn, it nil ba do ; Whna she ne may sl»nnoho my stoundfl Qod wool, I havo no wit tharto 1 Bnt wid I woot I wa*t soete. ' Nsy, ccrtis, 1, Bava that he yiif me rewlei there, 41W5 And wenlis his -wey, I nwta wharo. ' Lo, there a noble oommnnee 1 Bnt I wil that tbon knowe him now Ginning and ende, eith that thoa 4^70 Art so an^olsahon* and mate, TKaflgcred oat of oslate ; Tlicrni Bj'n Q wrors Iiolui Tamoreofwo, Va caiti Tnoo D cndoren so. to every man si Uing 4675 I Of lii B lord have knowlechlng.