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Speaking of AMD, let’s look at how the above rumored Intel specs compare to what’s available from Ryzen 9 3900X today, as well as what will be available soon (AMD says September) with the 3950X.AMD in 2019 is offering more cores at a lower TDP (thanks to that sweet 7nm TSMC manufacturing process and AMD's different method of measuring TDP), and faster officially supported memory speeds than what it looks like Intel will be bringing to the table next year with Comet Lake-S.

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We’ve covered it in detail and from different angles before, so I won’t go into detail here.Intel’s next-gen mainstream CPUs, dubbed Comet Lake-S, aren’t expected land in desktops until sometime in 2020.But the rumors and leaks about the company’s upcoming 14nm ( ? And boy, it’s hard to see how these chips -- which look to be a fifth (if you count Coffee Lake Refresh) re-warming of the company’s 2015-era Skylake architecture -- are going to find favor among just about any enthusiast or system builder next year.I’m sure Intel’s tactic makes motherboard vendors happy, but especially given what AMD has been able to push on AM4, Intel’s rumored move to yet another socket feels like a kick in the face (or at least the wallet) to its loyal customers.At the very least, it will likely push more frustrated consumers toward Team Red.Assuming the leaks hold true -- and we shouldn’t assume that they all will -- Comet Lake-S looks like the kind of lineup that would have been seen as a tepid, skippable update five years ago when Intel had little real competition in the desktop space.

Here in the back half of 2019, AMD’s Ryzen 3000 processors (following on the well-received previous-generation Ryzen parts) have injected excitement into the desktop world, thanks to substantive performance (and performance per ) gains the likes of which we haven’t seen in going on a decade.

With that Ryzen chip, you get a good in-box cooler, plus backwards compatibility that means you can install it in a sub-$70 B450 motherboard, all the way up to a high-end X570 model.

With Comet Lake-S, you’re likely going to need a brand-new board with a new chipset.

Shortages of AMD’s high-end parts persist nearly two months after their launch, our testing has shown that not all Ryzen 3000 cores can hit the top advertised speed of the CPU, and almost all X570 motherboards require active cooling -- something that hasn’t been common since the days of dedicated northbridge and southbridge chips.

But if you don’t want to deal with the whir of an extra fan (and an extra potential point of failure), you can of course opt for a lower-cost previous-generation 400-series motherboard with AMD, although you’ll then lose PCIe 4.0 support.

After all, at stock speeds, we saw the “95W” 9900K consume upwards of 145W at stock settings when running Blender.