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Feeddemon not updating

Like Feedly, Feed Demon has a satisfying content discovery tool.You add content by typing in a keyword (such as "gadgets"), selecting a source (including Google News, Twitter, and a handful of others), clicking "Find," and choosing a feed. The Feed Demon Experience Feed Demon's Windows Explorer-like interface consists of a tall, vertical column that houses your subscriptions.

Feed Demon is a solid solution which syncs to Google Reader—at least for now—and has a wallet-friendly price (free! Unfortunately, its raw look and status as a desktop client may limit its appeal.In it he mentioned that he had plans to release a final free version of Feed Reader that would support all the application's Pro features, but would come without ads or any other costs.That version would also cut ties with Google Reader to run independent of Google's soon defunct service so that users of the application would be able to use it after the shut down of Google Reader.Firefox: Blue Feed Icon appears in URL bar when a feed is available.Internet Explorer: Orange Feed Icon with drop down list of available feeds appears below search box on right when a feed (or feeds) is available.Instead, you must install the desktop client on all PCs which you regularly use (and only PCs, as Linux and Mac aren't supported).

Feed Demon also lacks Android and i OS apps, so if you're likely to read while on the go, you may want to check out one of Feedly's mobile offerings.

You can also dive into the options menu to set how often you'd like Feed Demon to update feeds.

Feed Demon also has a premium version—the $19.95 Feed Demon Pro—that adds several attractive "newspaper" style layouts, offline reading, a content filter to help sift through feeds, the ability to download and sync podcasts to portable media players, and the My Stream social media feature that lets you connect Facebook or Twitter (Feedly lets you do so for free). $19.95 is a bold asking price as some of those premium features appear in dedicated reading apps like Flipboard, Instapaper, and Pocket.

We all know that Feed Demon is a dead project after its author announced that he would discontinue the application not only because of the discontinuation of Google Reader which the program relied on but also because he could not make ends meet with the product and had to take a full-time job to do so.

What many disappointed users may have overlooked though is the author's second post on his personal blog a couple of days later.

The program can sort all feeds you import into the current folder structure or use the structure that is described in the import file instead.