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(7) IPU 17U1461 issued IRM added link to Form 809 Annual Reconciliation procedures.(8) IPU 18U0717 issued IRM a statute clearance stamp is not required when SPC "B" is present.

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(24) IPU 18U0245 issued Exhibit 21.1.7-18 updated address for Form 8809. (26) IPU 18U0989 issued Exhibit 21.1.7-19 updated routing of Form 921 or "Rev Proc 92-99" .After the dolphin adventure we set out looking for a tuna. At some point during mid day we jumped off a sail also.It was kinda scrappy fishing but we ended up with a few fish. September 14, 2018 (1) This transmits revised IRM 21.1.7, Accounts Management and Compliance Services Operations, Campus Support.(1) Various editorial changes were made throughout this IRM and cross-references were added, removed or revised as appropriate.The conditions were perfect there were just not that many fish on it.

We did catch a little over a dozen on it but for as pretty as it was it was a big let down.

(5) IPU 18U0245 issued IRM added management may restrict other items as needed.

(6) IPU 18U0449 issued IRM corrected name of PII Breach Reporting Form.

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(15) IPU 18U0245 issued Exhibit 21.1.7-15 added Letter 5935.