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Faith christian dating

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Sometimes encouraging is as simple as listening to your friend talk about a problem or frustration. Remember, discovering a new relationship with God doesn’t just happen overnight.A person might find that they question who they really are throughout this journey.

Christian Dating cannot and does not present information about every online dating site.The Christian movie, “The Fight Within”, considers this dilemma with an unbelieving protagonist, Logan, and his Christian girlfriend, Emma.Incredibly, Emma handles dating Logan with grace and trust in God’s plan.Throughout “The Fight Within”, Emma challenges Logan to be a better version of himself, starting with their very first encounter during their “Intro to Ethics” class.Similarly, seek ways to challenge your non-believing friend to be a better person and model how easy it is to show kindness and love through God’s Word.Have you ever had feelings for someone who isn’t a believer yet?

It may feel contradictory and confusing to fall for someone who doesn’t subscribe to your faith, which is a fundamental part of who you are.

If God has put a non-believer in your path, it’s up to you to show them what the Christian life is all about.

Introducing your friend to other Christians, so he or she can experience the different ways God manifests Himself in the lives of His children.

Remember that ultimately, God desires your happiness even more than you do.

So, whether you feel He’s asking you to embrace someone who’s not a believer yet or asking you to walk away, trust in His plan for you.

Likewise, introduce your non-believing friend to Jesus through your own life witness.