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Failed updating entry in message tracking store

Custom headers can be added as statically defined name/value pairs in a partnership attribute where the name and the value are separated by a colon.Multiple static headers are added using a semi-colon separated list between each name/value pair.

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However, if your system will be transferring large files you will need to increase memory allocation.Most systems deploy with at least 8GB RAM these days so increasing memory allocation from the default amount in the startup script should not cause adverse affects to the system.To increase memory allocation you need to increase the heap space. You could increase this from the 384m (m = MB) default setting to 1g or 2g to get good performance for largeconfigures the modules that will be activated by the AS2 server when it starts up.Partnership configuration will override processor settings. To define the processor level retry count, set the “ can be used to provide information to the AS2 handler that can be used to affect various aspects of how the file is handled.When the file is picked up for processing by the directory poller, it will look for an attribute named “The above format will set the AS2 sender and receiver ID as well as the name of the file sent in the AS2 message if configured to send a file name by tokenizing the file name using delimiters defined in the “” attribute.Please review and confirm the specifications and terms and conditions of any third-party software with its respective owner and/or licensor.

Keep in mind that the documentation for each major version also contains any change made by subsequent patches.

This module adds a listener on a specified HTTP or HTTPS port that can be invoked by a load balancer or other application to check if the application is running.

This allows you to configure the load balancer to send an HTTP request to the configured port and will return a 200 OK response.

If you want the file name sent to the remote partner to be then the delimiter attribute value would just be “-”.

This article provides the basics: As of version 2.4.0, a health check module is included in the Open AS2 deployment.

The attribute name for this is “ Delimiter mode is relatively simple and does not require any special knowledge but regular expression mode may require someone with regular expression skills.