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Excel charts and updating data

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if a stacked bar chart is working ok and values are 3 and 9 then clearly the "3 part" is 1/3 of the "9 part" if you change them to 1 and 7 the "1 part" CANNOT be seven times as big as the "7" part that is why I asked about whether you are adding new data to historical data change some data as a test and see what the chart does....Yes, I do understand and the data is updating - it is fresh (updated) data rather than additional data on top of older data.

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I have a macro that allows the user to select a date range on which to run a model, and then populates a range on the "Model" sheet with a column of dates and a column of output values from the model corresponding to each date. However, this week, the figure for 'Allocated to A' is 34 and the figure for 'Allocated to B' is 181; the data labels have automatically updated but the bar has a larger proportion allocated to A, which looks wrong!Does anyone know why the areas of the charts don't update, just the labels? It is basically a workbook with three 'data source' tabs, so the data is dumped onto these tabs.Hi all, I have created some 'dashboard' charts on an Excel sheet, based on data from elsewhere in the workbook (Excel 2013).If the data is updated, then the figures on each of my charts (combination of pie, bar and a donut!There is then a 'summary' sheet which provides a summary, pulling together info from the three 'data sheets'.

The 'dashboard' tab then has all the charts on it, with cells hidden on this sheet that takes the summary sheets totals and updates them, whenever a colleague updates the 'data source' tabs at any given point.

), yet the bar chart for the actual to date one is probably a third of the size of the target one which doesn't represent the figures.

Last week it was slightly smaller which was more of an accurate representation, this week when I have updated the data source figures, the chart data labels showing each value on the bar chart as I say changes and is correct, but the bar chart is all out of proportion!

The data table itself updates correctly when I change the time period, but the graphs which read from this table of data do not update.

I can't even get them to update by cutting them and pasting them again, the only way seems to be to save and close excel and open it again, and then they are updated with the new time period. If the ONLY solution is some kind of macro, is it possible to record it manually, i.e.

) update fine, however the area / proportion of each chart doesn't.