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Sponsorship Statement: Publication of this supplement is sponsored by the ACNP.Individual contributor disclosures may be found within the abstracts.

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Critically, decline in WM is a major factor in cognitive impairment that accompanies healthy aging.Asterisks in the author lists indicate presenter of the abstract at the annual meeting.Background: Early life adversities (ELA), such as variations in maternal care of offspring, are critical factors underlying the individual likelihood to development of multiple psychiatric and medical disorders.Keywords: Early Life Adversity, Glucocorticoids, Insulin Resistance, Glutamate, Memory Function Disclosure: Nothing to disclose.Background: Geriatric depression is frequently associated with mild cognitive impairment (MCI), which responds poorly to antidepressant monotherapy.Determine if unique gene signatures underlie escitalopram-memantine treatment response compared to escitalopram alone.

Methods: We conducted a 12-month double-blinded, placebo-controlled trial in older adults to assess the efficacy of combination memantine and escitalopram therapy compared to escitalopram and placebo for the treatment of depression (Clinical NCT01902004).

Secondary measures included apathy, quality of life, and cognition.

Genome-wide transcriptional profiles were generated from peripheral blood leukocytes sampled at baseline and 3 months following initiation of treatment.

Furthermore, bioinformatics analysis of differentially expressed gene targets indicates unique and synergistic mechanisms of action mediating antidepressant response in monotherapy and memantine augmentation.

Conclusions: Pilot data indicate that memantine augmentation of escitalopram treatment in geriatric depression results in an enhanced clinical response profile, including improvements in apathy, resilience, quality of life, and cognition.

Escitalopram with memantine treatment resulted in additional improvements in apathy, quality of life, and intermediate/delayed memory.