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Error validating schema cvc type 3 1 3

error validating schema cvc type 3 1 3-33

Here it is: I thought that by specifying xmlns="my Namespace" that all elements without a namespace prefix use this namespace, and that all attributes use the elements namespace unless excplicitly prefixed by another. Thanks again, your team has created a very useful tool, and unfortunatly is helping me discover just how little xml I really know. e Xtensible Business Reporting Language (XBRL) is an XML-based standard to describe financial data, and facilitate the creation, distribution and re-use of business reports.

error validating schema cvc type 3 1 3-7

The interesting thing is that the autocompletion works perfectly less the attribute for the root node.The validation service will cater for both inline XBRL and 'raw' XBRL.(For inline XBRL submissions, the underlying XBRL content will be extracted prior to performing the validation.) Using the service The XBRL validation service allows users to submit XBRL based reports (or instance documents) for testing.I am not sure if something is funky with the regexpression or the XSD.XML portion: Explore Share Point 2016, the web-based, collaborative platform that integrates with Microsoft Office to provide intranets, secure document management, and collaboration so you can develop your online and offline capabilities. Any chance you can explain to me how yours differs from mine (it seems to accept everything it should and nothing it should not from my initial set of tests? It threw no errors in the XML validation but the XSD threw an error for invalid regexpression.I may be doing something stupid though, as it woluldn't be the first time Thanks for any insight.

Thatcher Dear Thatcher, When you define a top level attribute it belongs to the schema target namespace, in your case the target namespace is "my Namespace".

XBRL Validation Service Companies House have adopted XBRL v2.1 for electronic filing of audit exempt accounts.

In order to assist the development of third party software to use the service, we provide an XBRL Validation Service that allows users to test submissions for conformance with the Companies House taxonomy.

Submitted accounts will be tested for conformance with the XBRL v2.1 specification, and for conformance with the appropriate UK GAAP taxonomies (and Companies House Audit Exempt taxonomies for 'raw' XBRL submissions).

When a document is submitted, the validation service will return either a "successful" response, or a list of errors found in the document.

&L=0 to validate a sample XML file against an XML schema I am using.