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Error updating jscript intellisense jquery undefined

If you reference "foo.js" and there is a "foo-vsdoc.js" file next to it, then VS will use the vsdoc version to generate intellisense. I know this isn't much consolation, but we've drastically improved performance and reliability of Javascript Intellisense in Visual Studio 2010.Beta1 is currently available to MSDN subscribers (although it is beta and there are still some bugs in it).

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However, sometimes the slightest change, even adding and removing a space from the reference XML tags, or pressing Ctrl-Shift-J, results in the dreaded "Error updating JScript Intelli Sense: Client-side script Intelli Sense information was not generated due to an error in an external script reference." Except it was working with that external script reference just a second ago! Thanks It sounds like you a script you are running on your page is trying to use jquery but you have not included it.JQuery does a lot of nifty little transitions and ajax calls and whatnot.Identify the jquery plugin that is causing intellisense generation to fail and place a -vsdoc version next to it.You won't get intellisense for UI, but you will still get jquery and other plugins that do work.For the jquery-vsdoc.js, I am using Comment Version 1.3.2b (that's what it says in the file) from

I am omitting the version number from the file so that I don't have to change a bunch of references when it's inevitably updated. Restarting Visual Studio is proving to be a horribly inelegant (and time-consuming) workaround.

-------------------------------------------------------------------------- I just thought of something just now.

I looked at the jquery scripts that are under solutions explorer.

This means that the program, Log On.cshtml, contains the two lines of code mentioned above.

Would you mind confirming if downloading Nu Get would help in this case?

The page which compiles and runs fine from my test server is giving me all kinds of errors when I try to run it from Visual Web Developer.