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Eric stoltz dating history

He appeared in each of Crowe's next four films, The Wild Life, Say Anything..., Singles, and Jerry Maguire.

Discover, how much money does Eric's have in this year.Eric Stoltz doesn't need Hollywood to cast him in big blockbusters or hit TV shows anymore — because the industry is quite willing to hire him on the other side of the camera.Over the past decade or so, Stoltz has become one of the most prolific television directors in Hollywood, helming episodes of , his experience as an actor helped him understand how to relate to the cast as a director.Still, the fact that he hasn't had a major hit or signature part since then can't help but leave him stuck in time to a certain extent.He's perceived as a young star from an earlier era, and it might have held him back a little bit.Director Cameron Crowe and Stoltz became friends while making Stoltz's first feature film, Fast Times at Ridgemont High (1982), which Crowe wrote and in which Stoltz had a minor role.

According to Stoltz, Crowe promised Stoltz a role in all of his future films.

But whatever the reasons, losing out on a blockbuster gig can't help but look like a career setback, and in some Hollywood circles, this might have registered at the time as a major blemish on his otherwise promising résumé. To many people, Stoltz (like "Brat Packers" Judd Nelson or Molly Ringwald) became forever associated with certain roles and certain movies — he'll always be Rocky Dennis or Keith Nelson.

Obviously, Stoltz has stayed busy since that bygone decade, and there's definitely a generation of film fans who identify him with his '90s movies just as readily as his '80s hits.

As an in-demand documentary narrator, he's voiced three episodes of PBS's Although he launched to fame on the big screen and remains best known for his film work, Stoltz has demonstrated a deep love of the theater throughout his career — going back to the years immediately after his breakthrough in and combined his voice work with his acting in a number of radio plays for Los Angeles Theatre Works, which are recorded live in L. One way you can tell Eric Stoltz is the kind of actor who works for the love of the acting and not for the money: He appears in short films, the most uncommercial and difficult to find of all releases in the medium.

Stoltz has starred in more than a half-dozen low-budget shorts directed by up-and-coming filmmakers, which is a lot for an actor of his stature.

Eric Stoltz's parents name not available right now. All information about his private life is hidden or stays unknown, so it’s difficult to say if he has a wife or children. Eric is one of the famous person with the profession Movie Actor.