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Episcopal priests dating and marrying

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No objections were raised to the procedure of the election.If diocesan election occurred within 120 days (3 months) of a General Convention, canon law requires consent by the House of Deputies and then the House of Bishops at the General Convention itself.

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It's just a part of my journey, and why would I possibly regret that?For a long time, Robinson's parents believed the boy would die soon.Much later in life, Robinson's father would tell him he couldn't take any joy in the boy's development because he always thought each step was going to be the last thing.Consent to the election of Robinson was given in August at the 2003 General Convention.The General Convention of 2003 became the center for debate over Robinson's election, as conservatives and liberals within the Church argued over whether Robinson should be allowed to become bishop.Robinson intended to study towards a medical degree but decided to major in American Studies.

During his college days, Robinson began to seriously consider the ordained ministry and said it almost immediately felt right.

Robinson became Canon to the Ordinary in 1988, the executive assistant to the then bishop of New Hampshire, Douglas Theuner.

Robinson remained in this job for the next seventeen years until he was elected bishop. Ella actively helped her father with public relations at the General Convention in 2003.

Robinson says that about "a month into their relationship, [he] explained his background and his fears about his sexuality." They continued dating and, as Robinson puts it, "about a month before the marriage, [he] became frightened that ...

this thing would raise its ugly head some day, and cause her and me great pain." Robinson and Martin discussed it and decided to go ahead with the marriage in 1972.

Robinson's parents were poor tenant farmers who worked in the tobacco fields as sharecroppers.