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(I was a well-behaved child most of the time, I swear).

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If there was going to be anything obvious like a gate, it would have been on the side we approached from — facing the entrance.’ ‘Are you sure?‘Why do Dells always have to make things so difficult.’ ‘Because they hate you.’ ‘Thanks.’ ‘And me, and the entire unmagicked population of Britain especially.’ ‘Not altogether unreasonable of them,’ I murmured, thinking of many instances of persecution, theft, abuse and other such joys the magicker populations of our country had previously endured.I dabbled a bit in one or two of the goblin and elf tongues, but I never made much progress with those.’ Jay stared at me, bemused.The dragon, unimpressed with this display of disapproval, scooped her up in its long, polished claws and flew away again.I had found the Wand by then, disturbing the pup in the process, and she was now sitting up, yawning, her ears perked as she looked around.Those who have the care of Archibald these days were not best pleased to see me back.’ ‘What about Doryty?

’ ‘Not really.’ Milady’s knowledgeable, well-connected guide turned out to be about the least popular person in Dappledok?

’ ‘Not fluently, but not too badly.’ He visibly shook himself.

So, we aren’t going to make much progress with the door if neither of us can speak any of the likely languages.’ ‘Gosh, whatever shall we do.’ I reached out a hand and rapped politely upon the wall.

Credentials please.’ We flashed our Society symbols.

Come in.’ The Edwardian spriggan turned her back on us and stalked back through the archway, which promptly began to display signs that the stone blocks were returning.

And she must realise we had to have qualified help to get this far.’ The woman herself appeared shortly afterwards.