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E173 updating firmware inserted is not firmware

The primary requirements from the USB device firmware update process are: USB devices like UVC cameras are released with in-field updatable firmware.There is no standard way to update the firmware today.

The absence of co-installers on Windows 10 prevents device vendors from updating the firmware on these devices in the field.The installed driver package will perform the firmware update. In this method, a lower filter driver to the USB device driver will be installed as part of driver update process.This filter driver will perform the firmware update.Please follow the simple steps below: If either message "An error occurred during the software update" or "Software cannot be updated using this USB device" is displayed on the TV screen, please proceed to the following procedures for a possible solution: If the message "No newer version of the TV software was found" is displayed on the TV screen, your TV already has the newest software version installed, so you don't need to update it.For other FAQs about Troubleshooting, please see the "Questions and Answers" section on the Sony Support Site.The driver update package on the Windows Update server will contain: While installing the driver update package, the firmware update WDF filter driver’s Add Device routine will be called.

From this routine, the WDF filter driver will get for the device firmware version from the device HW registry key.

On receiving the notification, the filter driver should post a work-item that would perform the firmware update.

UMDF based firmware update drivers can use the device specific APIs or issue the control transfers directly to access the USB device to perform the firmware update.

The device firmware should have placed the firmware version using the MSOS descriptor onto the device HW registry key.

When the EVT_WDF_DEVICE_D0_ENTRY callback of the WDF filter driver is called at a later point, the filter driver must register for device interface change notifications using CM_Register_Notification or Io Register Plug Play Notification (UMDF or KMDF) to listen to the device interface class the USB device will register the device into. The firmware update filter driver for a RGB camera would register for KSCATEGORY_VIDEO_CAMERA.

Once you've downloaded the update file and prepared your USB device, you can install it on your TV.