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Drupal form not validating

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By default Drupal 7 has two types of views - The Full node view and the Teaser view.

NOTE: Their is a typo in the code displayed in the video. I'm trying to setup Rules to validate my form input for me, when using CCK fields.So far I've made 1 form, with one CCK text field, called field_email.For example: $form_state['data_for_submission'] = $data; This technique is useful when validation requires file parsing, web service requests, or other expensive requests that should not be repeated in the submission step.$form_id: A unique string identifying the form for validation, submission, theming, and hook_form_alter functions.In Drupal for adding mandatory form field, you only need to mark field as required.

Client side validation overrides Drupal's default validation behaviour.

Sub modules include: On installing the module, root user could configure validation settings.

The user will be provided with options such as include/exclude validation paths, forms, positioning error message and also form level settings.

'Client side Validation' is a bundle were it is the main module which contains core functionality.

The module depends with al least one of the sub modules for its working.

As part of form creation process in one of our recent project we came across one module called 'Client side Validation'.