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Dragon ball z dating sim games

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Or, recruit new archers, fire mages, and ice mages!

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With enough experience in the battlefield, you could become a masterful warrior!Kyun Kyun is what Japanese use to describe a romantic situation, the closest translation would be something like "My heart skipped a beat" As of April 1 a Dating Simulator mode called "Dragon Ball Z Dokkyun Battle" will be available. QRi.png[text]Spending time with the heroines in your Dragon Ball life...A Dating Simulation mode has arrived in Dokkan Battle!!First, fuck Bulma and her friends in extreme hardcore xxx games to discover the hidden face of Dragonball Z!See how Cell rapes Android 18 to humiliate the sexy blonde in front of all her friends.My name is Brianne - Warrior of Love of Universe 2.

Today I will show you a little about this new mode.[/text] All the heroines until now will appear in the new mode"Dokkyun Battle"!!

Don't be let down if a heroine doesn't like you anymore!!

Make a wish to Shenron and he will make things all right!!

We also add new games daily to ensure that you won't get bored of playing old games again and again.

I'm sure just like last year the official English translation will hit the GLB version. Dokkyun is a play on words on "Dokkan" and "Kyun Kyun".

I am working on a Dragonball Z dating game, This will be a mix of a visual novel and a dating simulator game, where you can date the handsome Guys from Dragonball Z, such as Vegeta, Goku, piccolo and more....