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I comment that they’re quite interesting and leave it at that. When we’re together -- which isn’t all that often as per your coaching -- we just enjoy each other’s company. My gut seems to be telling me that Kimberly is coming on too strong because she’s not really over her ex.

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Faller's writing interests include animals, religious/metaphysical studies, yoga, body modification and travel.She holds a Bachelor of Arts in English from Plymouth State University. Let me tell you, I think that we can all do with a dose of your advice!Now that I think of it, the question I guess I’m really asking is how can you gauge a woman’s Interest Level across cyberspace?Don’t you really have to be in a female’s presence to accurately assess it? I’ve deliberately tried to keep my interest in Kimberly in check, though I’m highly attracted to her.I’m asking you this now before I actually take the plunge. She always initiates contact with me and flirts constantly.

Like you always say, it’s better to be completely prepared before going out on the battlefield. I don’t usually return the flirting -- I always keep it cool. I keep my mouth shut whenever she makes any plans for the future.

We’re both single parents with busy lives, so the only date we could set up was for eight days later.

On Wednesday we got together for 90 minutes over dinner.

They both said that if their husband or boyfriend had done what I did after the first date they would have written them off and ignored them altogether.

They also said it’s possible Courtney didn’t see the message or that her child may have intercepted her phone and erased it.

I stumbled across a study recently which showed that women rated 80% of all males as below medium attractiveness.