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Delay in updating basmati grades

It’s events like these, where we get to interact with children, that really motivate me to continue to be a Women’s Ambassador.I love to see young girls get excited about STEM fields.

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The Women’s Ambassador Program will continue to work hard to help new students find their new home at Embry-Riddle.The direct crystallization process starts at the extrusion die, where the melt is formed into several strands of uniform thickness.Depending on the specific pelleting process applied, the strands will be maintained over a short distance and are partially cooled with water before being cut into pellets. Direct crystallization is a significant development, which reduces the energy consumption in the polyester manu- facturing process.It allows energy that is retained in the polyester melt to be utilized for the crystallization step.I love that I am able to interact with students and their parents on a face-to-face level.

The passion for the industry, that the prospective students have, blows me away.

It is an even better feeling when you get to see them everyday on campus once they start classes.

I see a few of my students from last year around campus, and it makes me happy to know that they are doing well, and enjoying ERAU.

Our mission is to encourage young girls to become interested in STEM (science, technology, engineering, math), as well as support women who are planning on attending, and already attend ERAU.

We accomplish this mission through several different activities.

As some of you may know from my previous blog posts, I am a member of the Women’s Ambassador Program at the Daytona Beach campus.