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Dehyrdating tomatoes

Therefore, where you place your dehydrator is an important factor.

If you do a mix of shredded and sliced, be aware that the shreds may take a little less time than the slices and you may need to rotate trays or remove some before the others are completely dry.If the electricity goes out for an extended time, nothing is spoiled. Two important factors are necessary for dehydration to take place – heat and air circulation.The heat pulls the moisture from your vegetables, and air circulation moves the moisture so that it can evaporate. It’s true, if you have a cool, dark, dry place, potatoes will store very well. Why dehydrate potatoes when they store so well without doing anything?There some exceptions, so be sure to follow your recipe.

How long it will take to dehydrate depends on several factors.

Step 8 Allow to cool and store in a large container where they will not be crushed. And now, you’re ready to enjoy your dehydrated potatoes.

For hashbrowns, soak the shredded potatoes in water for 15 minutes, drain and pan fry.

I’ve used all 3 methods, and I definitely prefer dehydrating vegetables in my Excalibur Dehydrator.

With 15 square feet of space, I can get a lot done at once.

Step 2 Slice potatoes to about 1/8 inch or 2.5 mm thick.