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Declan donnelly still dating georgie thompson

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Cuthberts High School, an academy status for boys, and left with General Certificate Secondary Education (GCSE).Declans career started when he was just the age of 12.

Declan is the youngest son of Anne Donnelly and Alphonsus Donnelly (Deceased on August 2011).Hayley Tamaddon blames 'Dancing On Ice' for the break-up of her relationship.The former 'Emmerdale' actress won the celebrity skating contest last year, but just weeks later it emerged her fiance Darren Charles had been cheating on her and the… v=_V45TGQqee Yendofvid[starttext] Rain has done Korea proud by becoming the first native Korean to win an award from the MTV Movie Awards.Rain had been nominated for the Biggest Badass Star award for his role as Raizo, the most lethal Special Forces Ninja assassin in Ninja Assassin and was up against Hollywood stars like Angelina Jolie, Chris Pine, Channing Tatum and Sam Worthington.But he came away as the winner and spoke in fluent English with his short acceptance speech.

He becomes the fourth Asian star after Lucy Liu, Jackie Chan and Ken Jeong to win an award from MTV.

Around 1987, his father saw an advertisement on local newspaper claiming that they are in search of young actor to host a Children's TV show in Newcastle. At first, he was not willing to perform but later he rang the producer and prayed for audition.

It was his luck that he auditioned was successful and was on the show called Byker Grove and this was the time he first met Anthony Mc Partlin. The show is about putting different celebrities in the middle of Australia's jungle and the participant have to compete each other and win the show.

Not much is known about Declans private life, however we do know that he first aimed to be a Catholic priest, but after he saw the girls from Sacred Heart Catholic High School, he changed his mind (Lucky Dec).

He is one of the nations most admired man and has dated many beautiful celebrities.

After the wedding the couple went for a month long honeymoon.