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David ruffin tammi terrell dating

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Her parents were expecting a boy but obviously they had to make some adjustments but she often called "Tommie" by her family.She began singing and playing the piano at an early age.

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One night on the road Tammi left him after getting mercilessly beaten.If you think about it she never had the chance to really deal with the fact that she was raped and those demons led her to bad relationships.All in all I think she was just trying to live becuase her days were numbered I think she was wanted to be loved and accpeted more than anything.So I am saluting all my love and respect in this post to late Tammi Terrell.By the way if you want to know more about her watch TV One's series "Unsung."Originally born as Thomasina Winifred Montgomery on April 29, 1945 in North Philadelphia, PA.I love Marvin Gaye's music as a child I loved hearing his duets with the late and possibly lesser known beautiful songstress Tammi Terrell.

Tammi's voice is so beautiful and amazing because she was such a small woman that had a polished voice.

Efforts to parlay Harmon's popularity into success on the big screen yielded the moderately popular comedy "Summer School" (1987), although more serious offerings, such as the actioner "The Presidio"(1988) and the little-seen drama "Stealing Home" (1988) failed to lift him to movie star status.

Television provided far more fertile ground of Harmon, who, after returning to familiar territory for four seasons on the medical drama "Chicago Hope" (CBS, 1994-2000) landed the biggest hit of his career as the star of the popular crime drama "NCIS" (CBS, 2003- ).

Following the surgery in 1970, Tammi slipped into a coma and died on March 16, just weeks before her 25th birthday.

Take a look at these gorgeous photos to see the beauty of Tammi Terrell during the 1960s.

In 1960, she signed to a record label where she recorded a couple of singles.