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As one who believes in casting a wide net, I tell singles that you really need to do both.

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It is the dating equivalent of a private members’ club.A week after the “breakup,” Sam asked her, “So are we dating other people? The others began interviewing prospective replacements and got a call from a young painter named Justine.” She said he could, but she didn’t want to hear about it: “He said, ‘But I want to share the details with you,’ and later I found out that he was dating someone in the same building.” Haunted by visions of Sam’s bringing the woman home while they were still sharing the apartment, Deirdre decided they should both give up their lease. Alex liked her as soon as he met her—she was slim and curvy and, more important, artistic.The sex wasn’t good the first time, but she liked him so much that it didn’t stop her.Over the next four months, as they kept dating, Sam began treating Deirdre more like a girlfriend than like a roommate, picking her up from work, asking her to make dinner.In the case of the check digit, the last digit of the ISBN, the upper case X can appear.(An alternative is simply to avoid using the serial numbers which result in an "X" check digit.) ISBN-13 instead uses the GS1 algorithm used in EAN numbers.

More complicated algorithms include the Luhn algorithm (1954), which captures 98% of single digit transposition errors (it does not detect 90 ↔ 09) and the still more sophisticated Verhoeff algorithm (1969), which catches all single digit substitution and transposition errors, and many (but not all) more complex errors.65 modulo 10, and the check digit would be 5, giving 48715.

Yet some people, no matter how well they know the risks, can’t avoid doing their courting in reverse: moving in, then falling in love.

This summer, Deirdre Wilson, 26, who works at a sports club, found herself in need of a roommate in her Upper West Side two-bedroom.

A male friend suggested his brother Sam, who was moving to the city from the Midwest.

She had reservations about living with a man but figured she would meet him.

EAN (European Article Number) check digits (administered by GS1) are calculated by summing each of the odd position numbers multiplied by 3 and then by adding the sum of the even position numbers.