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Datingbanquet history jewish wedding

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our God, Ruler of the universe, Creator of joy and gladness, friends and lovers, love and kinship, peace and friendship.

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Be sure to consider how your body responds to hunger when deciding if this will be a meaningful observance.In some instances, the couple circles each other: the bride might circle the groom three times, followed by the groom circling the bride three times, and then the couple making one circle together.Increasingly, circling is being incorporated into Reform Jewish weddings and even same-sex couples are adapting this ritual for their ceremonies.Among some Jews, it is customary for the wedding couple to fast on their wedding day, which is a day of forgiveness, similar to Yom Kippur.As a couple prepares for a new life together, this practice may enhance the spirituality of the day.Although the custom of (veiling of the bride) is not generally practiced by Reform Jews, one may encounter this ritual at some Jewish weddings.

In this custom, which grew out of the biblical story of Jacob's love for Rachel, the groom looks at the bride before covering her face with the veil.

Lastly, there is a mystical teaching that the bride, in circling seven times, enters seven spheres of her husband's innermost being.

One explanation for the basis of circling three times is based on the three times in Hosea -22 when God, in reassuring Israel, "says": "and I will betroth you unto Me." Another refers to a woman's three basic rights in marriage: food, clothing, and sex.

We praise you, , both members of the couple make this declaration.

Because Hebrew is a gender-based language, with most words (including nouns, pronouns, adjectives, and verbs) indicating gender and number, the traditional phrase above must be modified it is to be said to a man: Some couples choose to add a meaningful biblical verse to these vows.

The processional may include the groom's parents escorting him to the chuppah followed by the bride's parents doing the same with their daughter.