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Net using the Net Php library that is based on the COM/DOTNET classes. Using Set Console Title you can even set the title displayed in the console window.

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Auth XOCXCtrl.1"); // Script Control $o Script = new COM("MSScript Control.Not the most elegant of solutions, but this parameterised approach is to be preferred to search-n-replacing the Record Selection Formula string. If your COM object takes too much memory then this may force some COM error as PHP does not handle the memory usage of COM itself.Of course if anyone here has an even better approach, do post it here - I am sure it would be of use. And also Web server doesnt know what do to free COM memory.I bug-reported this, but have no answer till now ( give it a vote, if you thing it's important: Also, exceptions may arise, so put it on a try_catch block.--------------------------// by dfcp '06 ([email protected])$COM_Object = "Crystal Reports11. Prepare a task with the user and use PHP & Com to build a webinterface for it.Object Factory.1";$my_report = "C:\\report.rpt";$my_pdf = "C:\\report.pdf";$Object Factory= New COM($COM_Object);$crapp = $Object Factory- I found somewhere ( a list relating each version of Crystal Reports to its respective prog ID - it may help some fellows out there.7 Crystal. Here is an example how to start a Windows task: function start_task ($taskname) I'm also working on a class to handle infos, adding and removing of tasks via PHP. Getting IE to the foreground If you are using a command line (CLI) version of PHP on a Win32 platform (e.g.The code below has been working for me (If you want to do other adjustments (e.g.

$ie- Basic Windows IOIf you are using a command line (CLI) version of PHP on a Win32 platform, you might like to have a simple graphical interface to get input and output. This is example is overblown for illustrative purposes.

If something catastrophic happens with the ADO connection then it's own error handling engine passes stack traces, etc back to the console/standard output.

Therefore, my Open() command looks like this: Thanks to paul at completewebservices who added a note earlier; I have used his code to solve a particularly difficult issue with the Crystal 9 runtime component. Object Factory.1 To use the windows speech system install the "Speech SDK 5.1 for Windows applications" from the Microsoft homepage (free download).

search on the Registry Editor for the correct name to put in $COM_Object), opens a report from a file ($my_report), reload records from database and then exports it to a PDF file ($my_pdf).* IMPORTANT * this code, when invoked from the browser (I'm using Apache) AND with a report that connects to a ODBC database, does not work (the problem is specificly the line Read Records(), but may arise without it too when data is not saved into the report file). If you can get the old "Task Scheduler.dll" and register it, it is quite simple to handle and start Windows tasks from PHP.

But when you run this code by PHP-CLI (that is, by the command line), it works ok! This is extremely useful when you got things to do which must be run in a different user context.

If you're having permission problems like not being able to opening or saving a document and you're getting errors like: - This command is not available because no document is openor - Command failedtry this (if you're running IIS):- Execute "dcomcnfg"- Open Component Services DCOM Config- Search for Microsoft Office Word 97-2003 Document (it will be something like this translated to your language, so take a while and search for it)- Right-Click on it and open the properties- Choose "Identity" tab- Normally this is set to "the launching user".