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Dating with boys

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When I didn’t get an overseas scholarship, he couldn’t understand why I was so upset.He thought getting my parents to pay for the expensive tuition was no big deal.

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When I finally agreed, he did a 180 and changed his mind.It wasn’t his fault he wasn’t ‘woke’—he was just raised too sheltered to understand what others were going through.Jennifer, 20 I had a classmate who made a name for himself as an F-boy, and was always boasting about his sexual conquests.I feel like boys’ school boys put in more effort to make you feel special because they know better than to take a girl for granted once they’ve got her.Marissa, 24 When I was in J1, I thought I snagged a good guy.When our relationship became more serious, I tried introducing him to my friends. Confused, I questioned him and he admitted he’d rather not talk to people from ITE or Poly because they “weren’t on the same intellectual wavelength”.

No wonder he never introduced me to his friends the entire two years we dated.

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He’d remember the little things like my Subway order and surprise me by buying me things I’d casually mentioned I liked.