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Dating website for ginger people

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Redheads are a rare and special type of people who, according to some scientific reports, are actually dying out as a breed.But regardless of that, there’s something special about redheads that makes them extra appealing.

The pale, almost translucent skin, the freckles, the adorable round eyes, the vulnerability… Thanks to the constant taunting from friends, I never miss a Tumblr or blog link pertaining to hot red headed men, but sometimes mockery can be a great source of insight. Four pictures of me in various states of undress and sobriety followed by a short bio that read: “I’m not a ginger-lover. I’m only loving gingers ‘til the ginger-lover cums.” Quirky with a hint of filth – perfect. ‘Natural’, ‘Smooth’ or ‘Shaped’ were my options and I refused to imagine what shaped pubic hair looks like as I selected it.As human beings we react to colour, and in the world of colour red represents intensity, heat, passion and sexuality.Whatever the reason, we believe red hair is beautiful and deserves a community all of its own.Hot For Ginger was founded by Marc Crouch, a natural redhead from London with over 30 years’ experience of life as a ginger.An internet entrepreneur by trade, the ginger cause is very close to his heart which is why this site has a special meaning for him.We are a community dedicated to redheads, gingers, auburns, strawberry blondes and everything in between.

But it’s not just about red-on-red action (so to speak), we also strongly encourage people who happen to love red hair to sign up and discover just how wonderful ginger people are.

Even my real-life friends think my red obsession has gone too far.

They once staged a gingervention, trying to force me to date outside the one hair colour.

Next up, I had to fill in more about myself and my interests. My favourite intrusive question was ‘Preferred Sexual Position’ – a real conversation starter, I’m sure.

I realised things have moved on since I last filled out online dating forms. ‘Deep Stick’ hovered awkwardly over ‘Reverse Cowgirl’, leaving me truly spoilt for choice.

By assembling the UK’s redheads into one place, we have created a central platform for discovering and interacting with one of humanity’s rarest groups of people.