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Dating violence prevention education

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This training is designed for anyone interested in learning more about how to stop teen dating violence—before it happens.

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Workshops deal with healthy relationships, developmentally-appropriate violence prevention topics, the dynamics of teen dating violence, domestic violence, and sexual assault.Participants learn how to recognize, respond, and refer victims they may encounter in their professional roles.For more information about any of the above services, call our helpline at 508-755-9030.Additional resources to support your teen dating violence prevention work.Dating Matters Training The Dating Matters Capacity Assessment and Planning Tool (DM-CAPT) is an online system that helps local health departments and their school and community partners assess and monitor their capacity for implementing a comprehensive teen dating violence initiative.Advocates are available to facilitate workshops and talking circles designed to empower children to recognize and understand healthy relationships, and to overcome bullying and harassment.

Workshops use group discussion, role play, video and interactive activities to help children recognize the signs and effects of bullying and harassment, as well as pathways to seek help.

Dating Matters: Understanding Teen Dating Violence Prevention helps educators, school personnel, youth leaders, and others working to improve the health of teens.

Based on insights from teachers, this online, accredited course uses expert interviews, creative visuals, interactivity, and compelling storytelling to communicate the relevance of teen dating violence prevention to anyone working with youth.

The online resource will walk users through the policy process with the aid of worksheets, tools, and policy related resources.

Ohio Substitute House Bill 19 (HB 19) became effective March 29, 2010.

Designed to prevent child sexual assault, CAP utilizes a three-fold approach with teachers, parents and children to prevent child abuse.