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Dating turnoffs

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At first blush, the study might sound frivolous, but it had a much more serious purpose than coming up with dating advice.The researchers were studying a hypothesis — which they’re now convinced is true — that in choosing potential mates we tend to focus more on the negative traits we want to avoid than the positive ones we seek. Their report calls deal breakers “efficient cognitive mechanisms designed to cull inappropriate potential partners, allowing mating preferences to operate within a reduced target of desirable mates.” Jeff Strickler is the assistant features editor for the Star Tribune.

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Apparently there are some pretty common dating turn offs that we're all supposed to be avoiding if we want to land ourselves an actual S/O.Sure, we’d like someone who is tall, dark and handsome, but we’re more interested in avoiding people who are disorganized, slothful and can’t take care of themselves. He has spent most of his career working for the Variety section, including reviewing movies and covering religion.Now he leads a team of a reporters who cover entertainment and lifestyle issues.“I hope you don’t mind,” she smiled sweetly when she turned up with her security blanket.No I didn’t mind at all, because it meant I didn’t have to waste any more time on her. Just don’t do it, or don’t go if you feel you need someone along riding shotgun.The United States and China went ahead with their latest tariff increases on each other's goods Sunday, potentially raising prices Americans pay for some clothes, shoes, sporting goods and other consumer items in advance of the holiday shopping season.

At least five people are dead in West Texas after a man stopped by state troopers for failing to signal a left turn opened fire and fled, shooting more than 20 people as he drove before being killed by officers outside a movie theater, authorities said.

Look at how health conscious we're all becoming, isn't it cute.

Manners do matter, as 44% said being inconsiderate and impolite was a red light.

Almost as bad is running into your friends while out on date and inviting them to join in.

It is just rude to turn a one-on-one into a girls’ night out. You’re trying to get to know a little about each other. Sure, there are men who just want to talk about themselves all night – feel free to let them ramble on then vow never to see them again – but normal men, the ones you want to have a second date with, want to hear what you have to say for yourself.

More than a third (37%) admitted that vaping would deter them on a date, compared to 27% of those who listed smoking.