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COM Scot is one of the most recognized and effective dating coaches to both men and women on the global stage.

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"You better enjoy each other's company and have a lot of things you like to do in common.The mistakes I made were not getting to know someone well enough before being alone together."Not all people from earlier generations are bemoaning Gen Y's tendency to avoid commitment."Learn about yourself," advises Cheryl."Take your time and don't rush into serious relationships, and don't commit for the wrong reasons."Sean says "dating should be fun and only a little stressful." He advises you to take your time getting into relationships —especially physical ones — before you're actually ready.If you're think it's all about romantic candlelit dinners it's going to be a disappointment."As far as sussing out the right person in the first place, "Forget about Mr. "Get rid of preconceived notions and just enjoy being with other people." She suggests women make a lot of friends— and meet their friends — as a way to get to know lots of other people with no pressure. Cheryl says, "Consider people with different backgrounds, personalities, and life experiences." She also suggests spending as much time on having experiences of your own: "Learn about yourself.Take your time and don't rush into serious relationships and don't commit for the wrong reasons.""A good relationship is never perfect—there is no such thing."In this day and age, it is not wrong to check the other person out a little bit." We'll take that as full permission to Facebook stalk.

But if you do do some investigating, don't worry too much if you find out they like Nickelback.

100 percent up front."The basics truly are important, despite being less exciting than a flashy Instagram account."The older you get the more you realize it's just all toss of the coin," says Rob.

He says that over the years he's seen tons of "perfect" matches go through messy divorces, and plenty of odd-couple pairings stand the test of time.

Don't worry; romance and chemistry are still the key ingredients.

These days the trend in dating, for older seniors, is geared more toward having fun and companionship, rather than for casual sex or marriage.

Today's seniors have probably noticed that some of the traditional dating rituals may have changed.