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Dating stanley 110 plane

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With many of these vintage tools available for just a few dollars, collecting them turns out to be fairly inexpensive when compared to buying new, quality hand tools.Sometimes it can take quite a while to find the item I'm looking for, so to keep track of what I have and what I'm still trying to find I've created the listings below of vintage tool data.

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The final addition to the line was in 1921, with the introduction of a smaller, lighter Jack plane No. Type information is based on Wood-bottom Stanley bench planes offered as an option for users hesitant to make the change from the traditional wood-with-wedged-blade plane to the new Bailey patented blade adjustment mechanism, while maintaining the look and feel of the wooden plane (hence the term "transitional").Please contact me by Email or phone for return authorization. A block plane is a small woodworking hand plane which typically has the blade bedded at a lower angle than other planes, with the bevel up.Stanley continued the pattern of acquisitions, notable examples were Rota Tool Boxes in 1990 and Sidchrome / Dawn in 1991.By 2001, Stanley had ceased all manufacture in Australia. Planes, Scrapers & Spokeshaves, and other tools have threaded parts have proprietary & obsolete threads and are not available in hardware stores. To assist you in supplying the right parts for specific models and vintage tools, please provide me with pertinent physical details: markings on the tools -patent dates, trademarks, etc.

In addition, most items are described with remarks in respect to percent of original finish (including re-paints); pitting; chips; breaks; repairs, owner's marks; missing, replaced and/or non-vintage parts, etc.

The Stanley handplane and spokeshave product range made in Australia was as follows: October 2019 9.00 am to 12.30 pm at St Anthony's Parish Hall 164-168 Neerim Rd (corner Neerim & Grange Rds), Caulfield East Melway Ref.

Any item may be returned, in the same condition as it was received, within 7 days of receipt, for a refund. ), position the frog and lever pivot point in between bench vise jaws.

Later changes in model number include the addition of the wider No.

4½ in 1884 and 5½ in 1898, as well as an extra-heavy version of the No.

First offered by Stanley in 1870 after their acquisition of the production license for Bailey's seven plane patents in 1869, the most important of which were the 8/31/1858 cammed lever cap and the 8/6/1867 cutter adjustment, still manufactured today.