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Dating someone who gets angry

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And ‘stuffing down’ your feelings by pretending (to him, or to yourself) that you feel something else will also create distance between you and a man.

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Part of maturing as an individual and as a partner is learning how to control your anger.When you invest this much energy in a man, you’re creating a deficit in the relationship – you become exhausted, and he feels pressured to reciprocate.But as your anger builds, so does the distance between you.’ – you aren’t taking the necessary steps to understand why you’re feeling upset and how you should best approach the situation. And as our self-esteem goes down, we become less attractive.Here, a guide on how to control anger in a relationship: ‘I am mad at my boyfriend! A man is naturally drawn to a woman who is in tune with her feelings and who has both the confidence and the self-love to not put up with what doesn’t feel good.Give him a chance to be part of the issue and to come up with a solution that works for both of you.

So, once you’ve expressed your feelings, tell him what you don’t want.

When we’re angry or upset with a man, it’s natural to want to tell him what we want him to do about it.

But doing this causes a man to resist since he doesn’t want to be told what to do or how to do it!

You – and everyone you’re life has heard you say ‘I am angry at my boyfriend’ – but now it’s time to talk about it.

Part of controlling your anger in a relationship is getting comfortable with the uncomfortable. It’s so unfair of you to make me wait,” he’ll just shut down.

Though it’s normal to have disagreements and riffs between couples, it’s all about how you handle these feelings that will make or break your connection.