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Dating sites like myspace

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Instead, we want to manage information efficiently so that we can provide our users the information that matters most to them.” Social networking sites in general rely mainly on a simple advertising model — selling banner and text ads (although they ban uncool pop up ads).

In addition, the cost of running the sites’ web servers is relatively low.Facebook just received an additional $25 million in venture capital.Both companies are planning to extend their reach beyond the computer screen to cell phones.“It’s a little more difficult to build a community around a Norelco razor, but it’s possible.” Meanwhile, Gupta says, social networks have power beyond ad revenue to act as a customer relationship management (CRM) tool for companies selling products or services.“There’s a lot of focus on advertising and banner ads and the amount of traffic.And there’s no good reason why.” While My Space and Facebook currently rule the popular crowd on the Internet social scene, Fader says the forces that make a hot site are difficult to quantify; any site could become the next outcast.

“There is no reason to believe that these, or future ones that are emerging on the radar screen, will be any different.

bought My Space, NBC used it to show clips of “The Office” before the show was aired on the network.

While media companies may be a more logical fit with a social networking site, other businesses might mesh too, according to Gupta.

According to Com Score Media Metrix, My Space, with its 70 million users, ranks second behind Yahoo in pages viewed and time spent on the site.

Chris Hughes, a spokesperson for Facebook, says the company thinks of itself more as a directory grounded in real life rather than a social network creating connections between strangers.

Cingular Wireless, Sprint Nextel and Verizon Wireless are starting a service that will allow users to post messages on Facebook’s home pages or search for other users’ phone numbers and email addresses from a cell phone.