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Dating sales script

Writer: Emilia Serrano Genre: Comedy Agency: ICM Partners Management: 3 Arts Entertainment Buyer: Sony Pictures Entertainment / Columbia Pictures Date: 6/12/2018 Notes: One of two spec scripts written by Serrano acquired by Sony.23. Writers: Sam Mendes, Krysty Wilson-Cairns Genre: War Drama Agency: CAA Buyer: Amblin Partners Date: 6/18/2018.

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Each day this week, I will provide analysis of the 2018 spec script deals: Tuesday: Genres Wednesday: Studios, Production Companies, and Financiers Thursday: Agents and Managers Friday: Top Sales Saturday: First Timers Logline: The logline is being kept under wraps, but it is known to be a sci-fi-based psychological thriller centered on a married couple.Writer: Alex Cramer Genre: Thriller Agency: Verve Management: Circle of Confusion Buyer: Global Road Entertainment, Gran Via Productions Date: 5/31/2018.Notes: Script sold for a reported mid-six figures.17.Title: Logline: Grounded sci-fi drama with time travel elements. Writers: Ryan Belenzon, Jeffrey Gelber Genre: Thriller Agency: WME Management: Syndicate Entertainment Buyer: Paramount Pictures Date: 6/13/2018. Title: Logline: About the first fully, 3D-printed man and his search for identity and love.Writer: Jared Moshe Genre: Science Fiction Drama Agency: ICM Partners Management: Kaplan/Perrone Entertainment Buyer: Paramount Pictures Date: 6/4/2018. Writer: Scott Speer Genre: Science Fiction Drama Agency: UTA Management: Artists First Buyer: Mandalay Pictures Date: 6/12/2018 Notes: Option deal.21.The phenom is thrown into the hype machine of pro basketball prospects and must deal with being away from his family and village for the first time while the scout tries to put back together the pieces of the family he left behind. It centers on an illegal memory dealer who is accused of murdering a man who she does not believe she even knows.

Writer: Taylor Materne Genre: Sports Drama Agency: CAA Management: Oasis Media Group Buyer: Universal Pictures Date: 2/14/2018. Writer: Graham Moore Genre: Science Fiction Thriller Agency: CAA Buyer: Studio 8 Date: 2/28/2018 Notes: Moore to direct. Title: Logline: A home invasion that happens during an alien invasion Writers: John Swetnam, Harris Wilkinson Genre: Science Fiction Thriller Agency: Verve Management: Industry Entertainment (Swetnam) Buyer: Blumhouse Productions Date: 3/11/2018 Notes: The deal includes progress to production language.6.

Writer: Marc Guggenheim Genre: Science Fiction Agency: WME Management: Syndicate Entertainment Buyer: Sony Pictures Date: 2/7/2018.3.

Title: Logline: The project follows a washed-up basketball scout who discovers a Chinese streetball phenom and sees him as his ticket back to the NBA, talking him into coming to Los Angeles to train for the draft. Title: , which takes place over the course of one night, is set in a near future in which new technology allows one person’s memories to be extracted and inserted into someone else.

Title: Logline: A cultural coming-of-age story about a career-driven Latina American during her “double quinceañera” — celebrated at age 30 because she missed having her first quinceñera at 15.

She invites her parents, best friends, and brazen married cousin to a work trip disguised as a double quince, inviting trouble that could jeopardize her job and her relationships.

Mistrust and suspicion characterize their marriage while they are in a remote location that may or may not be obeying all the physical laws of the universe. Title: Logline: A family has to survive an all-night alien home-invasion. Simpson Genre: Science Fiction Thriller Agency: Verve Buyer: Paramount Pictures Date: 3/27/2018.