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Dating records vinyl

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Here are twelve alternatives that prove record storage is a polytheistic pursuit.

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Many lyric sheets print the copyright date of the lyrics along with information about the publishing company for each song.If that is the case with your vinyl record, then the catalog number may be the only true way to determine an exact or approximate age of the record.IKEA Kallax (FKA Expedit) may be omnipotent but it is not your only god.Though many albums and songs may have multiple artists, it is possible to narrow down the possibilities by album cover and recording company.If they have a listing for your particular album, you may be able to find the year it was produced.Despite this, there is a hardcore group of vinyl enthusiasts who still collect not only new vinyl records, but older ones as well.

If you wanted to sell a vinyl collection or get it appraised for insurance purposes, you must first know how old each record is.

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In 1970, the logo changed to a black label with silver writing.

Check Music Price Guide and Pop Sike to see if they have a listing for the artist and album or song name.

Unfortunately, there is no website to correspond with the book.