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Crazy quilts tell us about the maker's interests as well as her hand sewing ability.

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If you've been to our Boutique in the past, you'll know that a variety of wonderful handmade items are displayed for sale: small art quilts, jewelry, scarves, aprons, knitted and crocheted pieces, handmade journals, and much more!The orange colored binding is the same as the background fabric, giving it an illusion of no binding.For a chance to enjoy some wonderful quilts from the comfort of your home, visit one of our online quilt shows, featuring selected quilts from some of our past shows: 1999 - Thanks to George Rybicki for taking the photographs.Edited by Lois Frampton 2014 - Photos by Lois Frampton, Ellen Katz, Eileen Ryan Editing by Lois Frampton 2015 - Photos by Lois Frampton, Ellen Katz, Eileen Ryan Editing by Lois Frampton 2017 - Photos by Lois Frampton, G Wong, and Eileen Ryan Editing by Lois Frampton 2017 Video - Mark Deck Additional images can be viewed for Quilt Show 2008, 2009, 2011, 2012, 2013, 2014, 2015, and 2017 on FLICKR at / photos / quiltersconnection / albums (no blanks).The system unveiled here for dating heirloom quilts is based upon five characteristics -- fabric, style, color, technique, and pattern.Proof of membership and certification must be supplied when first applying.

The study into quilt history is a rapidly growing area of research in American history: the important role women played in our history; domestic life in the 18th-20 centuries; development of the textile industry in the Asia, India, Europe and America; the purpose for making quilts; their pattern and style development over time; current reproduction fabrics; and last but not least, dating a quilt or a single piece of fabric by its dyes and the method used to print it.

All members are dedicated to providing professional and ethical expertise on quilts and quilted textiles.

PAAQT members: Our membership application mentions American Quilter’s Society, an Accredited (AM from ASA or ISA) or Certified (CFA; Senior Member from ASA or CAPP from ISA) or a certificate of membership from AAA.

She covers how to estimate the age of a quilt - based on pattern, fabric, design, colors, etc.

The Professional Association of Appraisers – Quilted Textiles (PAAQT) is an international organization established in 1992 to promote and guide professional certified quilt appraisers.

Our visitors love to shop, and our members love to make things. QC's 2019 raffle quilt "Conduit" was designed and crafted by QC member G. It's her thinnest fine line pieced quilt she's ever done. It has a geometric design that combines bold orange batik fabric with 1/8" fine line pieced accent fabrics in shades of blue.